Employing Artificial Intelligence

Its objective is to allow computers to master by themselves. A system's learning algorithm enables it to spot patterns in observed dataand build models which explain the Earth, and predict matters without having explicit pre-programmed rules and models. It enables software applications to be much more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The … Continue reading Employing Artificial Intelligence


Google Spins VR Experiences on the Web

Google Cardboard has brought in cheap VR experience to your home and its recent announcement regarding chrome’s compatibility with its WebVR technology only goes to show that it is seriously considering VR to be a pervasive experience. In fact, its release of an online showcase called WebVR experiments for this purpose strengthens Google’s aspirations. WebVR … Continue reading Google Spins VR Experiences on the Web

Close look at Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

Data science is now one of the most influential topics all around. Companies and enterprises are focusing a lot on gathering data science talent further creating more viable roles in the data science industry. It has also been stated that data science and data scientistare the two most popular career tracks as of now. Since … Continue reading Close look at Data Scientist vs Data Engineer