Xbox still make sense in a mobile gaming world?


There was once a time when Xbox was the dream of every child and gaming was not cool without an Xbox at home. However, those moments belong to a different decade as the last ten years have quite clearly changed what you understand as gaming. That is why, in all probability, Microsoft left no stones un-turned in releasing the all new Xbox by using all the popularity stunts possible. The event was grand enough, but the 500 dollar price tag asked a pertinent question. Is the day for Xbox gone? Or are they truly numbered? Whatever be the case, the grandeur perhaps gave away the emptiness that surrounded the occasion.

Microsoft claimed to be a dream object for serious gamers, but is serious gaming even possible in today’s world? More importantly, what does the statistics say? The statistics hardly lies, and in this case, it points to an overwhelming percentage dedicated to mobile gaming. Mobile games share as much as 42 percent of the total revenue that gaming industry has generated. Staggering to say the least, it will soon cross the halfway mark and probably take over every other form of gaming in the next ten years.

Now, consoles have not been out of business, but they have hardly grown over the ages, with revenue percentage being fairly constant throughout the period. Console currently caters to a limited market while mobile is where the real potential is hiding. Since Microsoft has no mobile distribution or device to offer, may well be out of favour to tap the new age gamer in the coming decades. Surely, that is scary considering its impact on gaming.

Why comparing brands to their Chinese counterparts is comparing apples to oranges?

Mobile is taking over every field

In the latest expo regarding electronic games, as many as 100 gaming companies from mobile and social media joined the stage, nearly a 43 percent increase from the last meet. Brands like Electronic Arts as well as Bethesda spoke at length regarding mobile gaming and Nintendo, another gaming giant, played its portable Switch console card to gain momentum. Gaming could give a company to seek new market opportunities, and Microsoft did have such chances.

Virtual reality may change the game

Some analysts and experts, however, have given an interesting vantage point regarding Microsoft’s move. They believe that Xbox is trying to curve a niche of its own from the beginning. Xbox has always been about how the content looks and how it performs so that gamers derive the greatest value from it. Since consoles have an experiential domain, new experiential dimensions like virtual reality and augmented reality may well become a part of Xbox in the near future. Microsoft has also been acquiring developers from mobile gaming, so it definitely has some plan in mind.


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